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2D animation
directed by
music by Sean LI

major study of my final year

BALL is a ball who lives in the Box City where everyone looks like a paper box. The energetic and impulsive BALL always has conflicts with the clumsy and cumbersome Boxes. Then BALL puts on his "clothes" to pretend a box...

” is a Chinese meaning evade(逃避) - evade from the problems, escape(逃離) - escape from the fears, and run out of(逃出) - run out of the comfort zone. “TOU” is the phonetic transcription of Cantonese “” - Terrified of the difficulties, Overcome the fears, and you are Unique that you just have to be yourself.

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After doing some case study, the animations of Sarina Nihei, and the animation "WIND" by Robert Loebel are very inspiring. The ways of thinking stories, and the methods of producing animation helped to push my work further and better.


I have learnt to use simple shapes to develop characters, and use allegory to tell story. Also, I decided to develop rich texture, and draw everything on every frame to give life to the objects.

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Character Design

Product Design and Exhibition

watch other animations here.

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