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Torikase 理想委托人

Torikase is a short animated film about a Mini Mouse - a creature from heaven, who was appointed by someone to solve the problems of a girl to extend his life.

⭐️Lift-off Tokyo - Judges Select Shorts🏆

⭐️AniMate Australia - Semi-Finalist🏆

Premier in Hong Kong Art Centre in 21May 2024.

Trailer - Torikase

2D animation

Produced by 
Director / Storyboard / Animator

Background Artist

Compositing / Editing

Music / SFX / Mixing

Dubbing Mini Mouse (鼠鼠仔)

Dubbing Noa


Support by the 11th Animation Support Program

Motion Universe Studio
Jenny Hoyi Tsoi

Gonzalo Sepulveda / Jenny Hoyi Tsoi
Jenny Hoyi Tsoi

Chick Keiwang Chan



Phyllis Tsoi

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Character Design

Poster and Concept Art

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about Motion Universe Studio


Motion Universe Studio is an animation production studio based in Hong Kong which was founded by TSOI Ho Yi Jenny in 2021. We specialise in animation, illustration, and motion graphics, to tell stories and thoughts. Bringing everyone into the animation universe.

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